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Dear Friends & Supporters,

The South End Technology Center @ Tent City sponsored a Summer Youth Jobs Program. This program offered teen workers the opportunity to receive training in computer applications from MIT, who will then teach the newly acquired skills to youth 8-13 years old. The program operated for seven weeks. Great success and look forward to next summer.

Why are we writing to you? SETC @ Tent City continually creates and sponsors new programs for youth and adults.

You could be “The Power of One” to help One person.
How do I become the “The Power of One” you ask?

Make a contribution toward the training of One (or two).

$ 8.00 for One hour or your hourly rate
$ 48.00 for One day or your day’s pay
$ 240.00 for One week or your weekly pay
$ 960.00 for One month or your monthly pay
$ 1680.00 for One season/ term or two month’s pay

Whichever you choose, power of one hour one day one week one term, as the Power of One you will be helping One achieve the benefit of technology and who in turn will help the other One benefit from that education and experience.

Can our youth count on you to help One?

It takes One check made payable to the South End Technology Center @ Tent City. Come to the Tech. Center or mail to 359 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02116

We thank you for your support and ask that each One forward this letter to another One.

Mel King

Love is the Question and the Answer


An army of one,
A seeker of peace,
The bearer of justice,
The vessel of empowerment.
One smile,
One hand out-stretched,
One kind word,
One unselfish act,

One light in the gray dawn.
It takes one moment,

One frozen moment in time -
To change one day in a life.

One moment-

One hour - One day- One life

It is in the power of one,
I am the power of one

--Noel Wolf

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